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'Cause who doesn't need a smiling Groot?

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Anonymous Asked: Music asks: 1-10

Ok so after scrolling back through 6DAYS!!! worth of posts I have found and shall answer these questions.

1: A song you like with a color in the title

"Black John" - Stone Sour

2: A song you like with a number in the title

"1,000,000" - Nine Inch Nails

3: A song that reminds you of summertime

"City Of Ocala" - A Day To Remember

4: A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about

Ok so I actually like this song… but it shares a name with the one person I’d rather forget. So for that reason alone
"Helena" - My Chemical Romance.

5: A song that needs to be played LOUD

Thats basically 90% of my taste in music.
Lets say….
"Wings Of Feathers and Wax" - Killer Be Killed

6: A song that makes you want to dance

"Get Lucky" - Daft Punk

7: A song to drive to

"A Song For The Dead" - Queens Of The Stone Age
(Actually the entire album, Songs for the Deaf, is apparently great to drive to)

8: A song about drugs or alcohol

"Van Nuys" - Sixx: AM 
(Actually the entire album, The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack, is about drugs and/or alcohol)

9: A song that makes you happy

Hard to say but anything currently by Weird Al Yankovic

10: A song that makes you sad

Once again hard to say but I think…. personal songs. Like when you know the writer has gona through some tough shit and they’ve poured their heart into the words they sing…. that shit gets me.

Friends got me this for my Birthday!!! SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!

definitive Asked: hey i'd fuck u, have a great day


Omg actually fuck off. This is not how you speak to people. You think thats a compliment? Its not. It makes my skin crawl. Drag yourself back into whatever slimey hole you came from jesus christ.>_> Learn some manners. 

"Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not."

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